Prayers and Spiritual Exercises

Act of Consecration of the World to the Immaculate Heart of Mary


Prayer to be recited every Saturday.

Flowers of Light are poured upon the Earth,
by the Angels of Heaven who bring between their hands the Mercy of God.

The hearts of the world are reborn in the Holy Spirit
and they awake to the Maternal Call.

The soldiers of Peace are united,
because the moment of inner consecration has come.

Shooting stars cross the firmament of the Earth:
they are the coming signs of Eternal Peace.

For the consecration of humanity hope emerges
and those who have lost their path to Christ,
return to the Father through His Sacred Heart.

Hail, Queen of Heaven!
We praise You and we adore You,
Immaculate Heart!
Because Your Grace converts our lives
and we are touched by the gift of Your Blessed Love.

O, Mother and Queen of Peace!
we consecrate our inner dwelling to Your Great Marian Spirit.

O, Most Holy Immaculate Mother!
we trust fully in Your Path of Love and of Redemption.

May we see be born on the horizon the Sacred Sun of Christ,
so that He may forever be the infinite morning star
that guides our pilgrim feet and that we may now and always,
glorify God the Creator for all Eternity.

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