At request of the Virgin Mary, our Divine Mother, the Marian task is expanded with a new medium, MERCY MARY TV, the first Ecumenical Christian channel for Latin America.

During the monthly Apparition of the Virgin Mary of the 25th day of June of 2013 in Manantiales, Maldonado, Uruguay, the Virgin Mary made a request to the visionaries related to the creation of a means of communication for the transmission of Her message, a TV channel.

On the 13th day of August of 2013 the Celestial Mother transmitted the foundations of the new request:

 “This project, that is not an Earthly Project, but a spiritual project intends to reach the heart of the homes in a fraternal, organized and peaceful way because the goal of Mercy Mary will be to open the doors for all of the souls so that they may listen to My message and to the message of My Son Jesus.

You must have asked yourselves: Why would the Celestial Hierarchy need to transmit its words through such a means of communication?

Because of the planetary urgency, because of the lack of awareness about the events in humanity, because of the need for peace and for prayer in the homes, for the constant union with God and primarily for the redemption of souls, those that in these times are connected with the webs of evil.

It is a goal and an aspiration of My Immaculate Heart that My Kingship of Peace may proclaim Its victory in the world before the glorious coming of My Son.

But this Project of My Heart is a timeless project. This means, My dear children, that the Celestial Hierarchy will communicate Its Words and consequently It will pour Its Graces for an indeterminate time because the Father has asked us, the Celestial Messengers, that we must do all that is possible so that a great part of the consciousness of humanity may be removed from the modernities and may be able, through this project, to live its own redemption.

Mercy Mary is an archetype of a more direct and advanced communication that will work by means of celestial principals, those that will protect the development of the task and which will prevent the influence of realities external to this task.

I wish to say, dear children, that Mercy Mary will not be a station similar to those that exist in the world today, i.e. those that mislead souls. This project will reach directly to the deepest nucleus of the inner beings by Work of the Holy Spirit and in this way it will be prevented from being something superficial and material.

All that the Celestial Hierarchy requests we communicate with a elevated degree of love and of wisdom in order to avoid that those who receive the call misunderstand it or become confused.

For the first time in the history of humanity Heaven asks through this call for a project that is little understandable for the consciousnesses. But Mercy Mary will have, as its foundations, prayer, fasting and loving surrender for all those that are willing to bring forward the task under the vow of obedience and of order for this design that My Maternal Consciousness is realizing.

Mercy Mary intends to take into the homes the Mercy of God. For this, thisproject of communication will practice some principles in order to banish from the unconscious of the servers  the errors awakened by this world , such as vainglory, vanity, power and competition between beings.

Mercy Mary, by means of Christic principles will liberate little by little from the unconscious these needs of self-actualization and in this way it will place in the heart the light of the Divine Kingdom. It will be the task of Mercy Mary to re-polarize the consciousnesses of the world that have been dominated by the evil of modernity so that through the impulses of Mercy Mary beings may be awakened to God, Your Lord.

Mercy Mary will be the heart of the Heart of Mary, that which will lovingly beat in order to transmit impulses of fraternity, of healing and of forgiveness that are what humanity needs today.

The Christic principles of Mercy Mary are the following:

1. To transmit the true and healing love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

2. To bring  the consciousnesses and the souls closer
           to the savior message of the Sacred Hearts.

3. To rescue for all the value of the Creation of God
           through care of all of the Kingdoms.

4. To unite all of the groups of prayer under the same Divine Purpose.

5. To be a bridge of redemption and of forgiveness within families.

6. To bring fraternity to the entire world through the devotion to the Sacred Hearts.

7. To express the experiences of faith of pilgrims
           as an inner testimonial of conversion.

8. To liberate from the unconsciousness of humanity
           the influences and mistakes of evil.

9. To generate in the consciousness of the entire world the consecration
           to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

10. To form those who may awaken as Soldiers of Prayer.

11. To build the Love of Christ between pilgrims.

12. To activate in the consciousnesses the importance of answering to the call of God.

13. To establish in hearts the Spirit of humility and of peace.

14. To banish suffering by means of the union with the Divine Mercy.

15. To gather the groups of prayer so that they may answer to the call
            for the Planetary Prayer.

16. To awaken in souls the true devotion for the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

17. To close the unsecured doors of the enemy in the homes
            so that the Celestial Doors may be opened in the hearts.

18. To create a perfect unity between souls and the Universe.

19. To reunite souls with the presence of the Guardian Angel.

20. To have consciousness of the importance of living in the law of God.

21. To be a thread of union between homes and the Immaculate Heart.

22. To generate a peaceful response in all beings.

23. To elevate the reality of the families to the spheres of prayer and of harmony.

24. To support those who try to pray every day.

25. To accompany, as does the Most Holy Mother,
            the soul that wakes up for the first time to the call.

26. To convert human pain into spiritual healing and into redemption.

27. To be a shining Sun of the Heart of Mary so that all may be able to recognize Her.

28. To work tirelessly for Peace in the world.

29. To serve the Plan of God above all things.

30. To illuminate the spaces that are in darkness.

31. To reconcile the souls that are most in need in the Good of Christ.

32. To merge the hearts in the presence of the Sacred Hearts. 


After this important spiritual impulse for all of the working group that accompanies the Divine Mother, on the 20th of July of 2013, at 3pm, the Master Christ Jesus transmitted to us that Mercy Mary TV would present, in Glory to God, its first television public transmission. This transmission will be initiated during the  the Marathon of the Divine Mercy that will be held in the Marian Center of Figueira on the 18th and 19th days of September of 2013. This first program will be called: “Your day of Mercy”. 

        To know details about this program consecrated to God, Click here.