Our Mother, the Most Holy Virgin Mary invites Her children to fast for Peace.
She explains that when offered in a sincere and loving way, fasting helps to reverse the state of affliction of many hearts in the world. She says:

My little children, never forget for this time the day of fasting.
Fasting done with the heart repairs feelings.
Fasting done with love restores conflicts.
Fasting done with peace will bring you more peace”.

This exercise leads each soul to walk towards consecration in the Immaculate Heart of Mary. With fasting is relieved the weight of the faults committed against the Sacred Heart of Christ, is relieved the weight that is carried by each one of our souls and the souls of the world.

The fasting of Jesus

“As Queen of Peace I invite you to consider in your lives these simple spiritual exercises that were great keys for the salvation of many souls when Christ was among you upon the Earth.

The forty days of fasting of My Son Jesus signified a definitive union of His Human Heart with the Spiritual Heart of God.  It was the covenant that allowed Jesus to live the Passion, Death and Resurrection, and the essence of all this mystery was the offer of love that emanated from the Heart of My Son towards the Will of God”.

We easily forget how important fasting is for our life, and even when we practice it we tend to convert itinto aroutine habit, without meaning. To avoid this Our Mother warns us:

Take care My little children, so that the days of fasting may not turn into days of dieting. Fasting without the intention of the heart loses strength and does not act as it should act in this world.
For this also My children, your bodies lose the incentive to fast, due to not having the right intention when it does it.
The intention of the heart and the clear purpose of what this repairing action signifies is what gives meaning to the days of fasting, and not so much that you are fasting.
The primordial purpose of fasting is Peace, it is the salvation of souls”.

Fast, but not only from physical food, as this exercise must be accompanied by a fasting of feelings, of thoughts, of words, of instinctive and precipitous actions.

“Also fast from judgments, from discussions, from competition and offer this sincere intention to the reparation of the Heart of Christ and for the salvation of the souls”.

Mary refers to a fasting that is done from the heart, in which each being may offer whatever he or she can for Peace. In Heaven this offer will be very well received.

“As a Mother I contemplate and I accept all your sincere offers of fasting.
To those who are sick, I ask for the fasting of words and much prayer;
to those who have firm and young bodies, I ask for fasting from the consciousness and from the heart, offering all to the Creator; to those who are more willing to sacrifice, I ask for fasting of bread and water, as I once asked My children in Merdjugorje”. 

It is about encouraging ourselves to do little sacrifices that are pleasing to the Heart of the Father, but that are not martyrdoms. She knows that each soul in unique, for this to each one She asks different sacrifices. And they must always be done with love, as each action that is done with love is more valuable than those that are done only for obedience.

Fasting allows us to see beyond our lives and through this little sacrifice many things are converted within ourselves and in the world.
She indicates what benefit the partial abstinence of food and drink may bring to our lives:

  • Water-only Fasting: abstinence of all food and drink except for water in order to bring purity to our hearts, and allow us to irradiate this purity to the world.
  • Rice-only Fasting: in order to live austerity and poverty; poverty of heart, of soul, and of spirit.
  • Fruit-only Fasting: to bring peace and harmony.
  • Bread-only Fasting: so that we may never forget Her Son; He Who is the Bread of Life. 

Our Lady has also shared the tangible results of fasting and prayer in the plan of God for this world. In the message of the 7th of September of 2013, during the Day for Peace in the World promoted by the Holy Father Francis, She says: 

“Dear children, I wish to tell you before the Celestial Powers that Your Most Beloved Father, by means of the action of His Creatures on the Earth, has managed to pour His Mercy, that which throughout time will touch the heart of those who have it closed, so that peace may be achieved in Middle East.

For this reason that which had been predicted to happen in the following months has been transformed into future months of conversion, redemption and of peace.

All of the souls in the world that prayed today the Holy Rosary for Peace and the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy awakened to the Supreme Life of Paradise and this allowed millions of souls that are imprisoned in the abysses of Earth to reach the infinite path of the light of God”.

We see how before a minimum of sacrifice Heaven finds ways to pour its Mercy upon all of the creatures.

We are summoned then to make this offer, this donation out of love, on Tuesdays and Saturdays, as a preparation for the Vigil with Christ, the New Easter:

“Dear children, Tuesdays and Saturdays will be of special mercy for the hearts that aspire to answer to the call of fasting for Peace: in the life of the world, for Peace in the nations, for Peace in the purpose of humani