In the Vigil of prayer that is held on every 12th and 24th days of each month, the Hail Mary is prayed in different languages—currently, more than thirty—so that in this way She may transmit Her Peace and maternal Love to all of the nations that speak these languages, and by means of these nations, to all of humanity and to the Kingdoms of Nature.

The act of praying the Hail Mary in many languages also permits Our Lady, the Mother of Heaven, to rescue souls in the whole planet.  This is an instruction that was transmitted by the Queen of Peace Herself.

“When My Immaculate Heart descends to your encounter, universes, laws, and stars relate to one another so that the Mother of Heaven, under the power of Her Son Jesus, may intercede and pour Mercy over Her children, cities, and even over entire nations”, revealed the Most Holy Mother, in a message that She transmitted to Friar Elias del Sagrado Corazón, on the 12th of October of 2013.  In the same communication, Our Lady highlighted: “Now I call you to the planetary and universal prayer because if all unite in the purpose, the whole world will be able to be assisted and will not suffer for not having changed in time”.

The prayer in several languages symbolizes as well the union between peoples, and also, that of humanity with God, according to what Our Divine Mother reminded us about on the 13th of April of 2012, in the Marian Center of Aurora, after the Ave Maria was prayed in many languages, at Her request: “Thank you, dear children, because My ring of peace is being placed over the world.  Always remember that the unity between your hearts and the true feeling of union between the languages will unite you with God.  In this way, the forces of My Peace will be spread over the world because of the answer of all of My Children."

On that same day She added that the union of the souls through the prayer in several languages makes possible that “the purpose of the Father be one in all of this humanity.  Know, dear children, that all of you are only one, for you belong to God, and this you should never forget.  This is the key that will bring you all to the Kingdom of My Peace, the Kingdom of the Heavens”.

About the Vigil of Prayer

Every 12th and 24th of each month, at the request of the Virgin Mary, a Vigil of Prayer in different languages is held, pleading to Our Lady that She will intercede for the peace in all of the nations of the world. At the end of the liturgy a recording of a previous Vigil of Prayer, in which the Most Holy Mary transmitted Her words to humanity, is broadcasted.

“More each day, beloved children, we must be united, you and I, your Celestial Mother, and pray to God for the people, for the nations, for the religions so that the light of the Holy Spirit may descend and bring wisdom to face the events that will come.”

Live every 12th and 24th at 6.30 pm.



Praying Hail Mary 
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