“I bring you My Voice from the Heavens for you to listen to me.
It is time to redeem the world, to redeem it in prayer and to trust in My call”.

Apparition of the Most Holy Virgin, on November 30, 2011

On this 8thof August, the present cycle of Apparitions of the Virgin Mary celebrates a special anniversary. It has been 9 years that the Sacred Instruction, through the voice of the Universal Mother, descends to the world to guide humanity on the path of peace and of redemption.

During this period, hundreds of devotees were consecrated as Her Children in response to the blessings delivered in the different cycles of daily, weekly, and monthly messages, in which She untiringly invites us to the prayer of the heart, to persistence in the spirit of peacemaking. Mary shows us the path that leads to Her Son, Christ Jesus, and calls onus to recognize our filiation with the Father, so that we may adhere toHis Plan of Peace for the Earth.

On this anniversary and the beginning of a new cycle, may we renew and deepen our vows as faithful servers.


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