Marian Center of Aurora
The Virgin Mary, in Her Apparition that took place in the Marian Center of Aurora, during the yearly celebration of the 31st of December, made to us the following request:
“I deeply wish that this message to be heard in the four corners of the planet.”

A request that -- at that night of Graces -- was left as a special sign for all.

May we be able to unite ourselves to this divine purpose.
May this message, translated into different languages, be spread throughout the whole planet.
May all the hearts be able to receive the Light of the Revelations transmitted through this important message of Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.


Apparition of the Divine Mother.  Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay. 
Wednesday, the 31st of December of 2014, at 7:30 pm

With much joy we gather on the 31st of December to celebrate the day of the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.
On this day we commemorate this new face of the Celestial Mother that, since the year 2007, has been announcing to the world an ultimate cycle of Apparitions and messages for humanity, with great revelations.
In the Apparition of the 24th of December the pilgrims were invited so that, on that date, they could offer white flowers on the altar.  It happened in this way and a beautiful and simple arrangement was made with the flowers that were brought.
The altar was adorned with many white flowers, flowers that represent the purity that She brings to our lives, as She has told us in Her message.
Before beginning the prayer work, messages that Our Lady transmitted in the morning were read, and She asked that we paid special attention to Her words.

Following an intense prayer and devotional canticles, the visionaries approached the place where they perceived that Our Lady would appear.  It was asked that three sisters of the Grace Mercy Order  who had recently made new vows would come closer to the stage, and while 'Immaculate Lady of Peace' was being chanted, the Divine Mother appeared, remaining in silence for a few moments, and soon began to transmit Her message.


Friar Elías de Sagrado Corazón transmits the words of the Divine Mother

My original Purity today is expanded to the world.  Blessed are those who open their heart to receive My Presence.

On this day so important to God, the Most High, My Heart is ennobled before the presence of His children and gives thanks to those who have been persevering in My call.  In them is the New Church of Christ, the advent of a new time, the Mercy that transforms all.

Today I reveal Myself to you without veil, so that you may contemplate My Virginity.

I wish that all the women of the world, through My Immaculate Heart, may reach the alliance and the union with Christ, so that in this way they may be united to the Celestial Spouse, and in consequence, to the Eternal Father.

Today My Heart offers to you the Love of the Universe.

My little ones, I give thanks for these white flowers that you have given to My Heart.  This is the perfect symbol of your love for My Immaculate Heart.  I Am also present in the most simple things.

On this last day of the year, when many souls distract themselves from God and seek the things of the enemy, I come as the New Aurora to make the path towards God the Lord dawn in your lives, that which He needs for you to traverse by means of prayer and of conversion.

In this night so infinite My Heart is ennobled and consecrates you.

My Heart thanks all the beings of this world and all the groups of prayer which, in different parts of the world, live My Principle of Maternity through the Sacred Faces and Aspects which I have manifested to all the nations of the world.

I wish tonight, Children of Mine, for all the men of the Earth to tie the knot of love with My Heart, and to accept the matrimony that I offer to them with My Most Pure and Virginal Spirit, in the same way that Saint Joseph accepted since the beginning, and His great work of humility was expanded in Love across all of the Earth.

I form the consecrated ones as the new spouses who will be married with the Celestial Mother, so that the divine essence of consecration may be poured over the simple hearts, and over the seekers of Truth and of Love.

In his way I also offer on this night, in the name of Christ, the marriage to all women on the Earth, especially those who have consecrated themselves recently to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and who have assumed new vows of commitment with God.

My Son is so, so grateful for the example of these three new spouses who have taken steps in faith and in trust.  God has listened to their supplications and He will pour His Great Promise over them.

In this way children of Mine, during the end of a year when humanity overly sets loose itself, and seeks its own freedom, I give you tonight upon this setting of Light, upon this temple of consecration to My Heart, the true testimony of the spiritual union with Christ by means of these servants of God, who listened to His call at different times and moments, and who the Universe today has united so that they may express the Sacred Consecration to God, to the Most High.

On this night of Graces I bring to you the alliance with Jesus, the alliance with the Divine Mother, and the alliance with Saint Joseph so that the beings of this Earth, in this time so definitive, may feel encouraged to take the steps towards the great transformation.  Do not have fear to transform yourselves, because even though My Heart may be withdrawing, I will not stop to contemplate your essences.

Beloved children, children of the Creator Father, creatures of the surface of the Earth, I encourage you, all of My children, to deepen your consecration.  Each one will know that which they can give to the Lord.  I neither come to ask for impossible things, nor for giant steps.  I come to ask for your hearts, because the time has come for your whole being to reflect the Heart of Christ, My Immaculate Heart and the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph, over the Earth.

If you take this simple step, but at the same time so profound and true, I assure you dear children, that in a little time you will not recognize your lives, because you will be within the Kingdom of God, free from the evildoing of this world, and from all of the modernity that convinces the human minds to follow the path of perdition, of atheism, and of the lack of faith.

As the Mother of Hope, as the Most Pure and Most Chaste Virgin, today I reveal to you My white Energy of Light, and I pour over your spirits, so little and so simple, the Mystery of the Original Purity, that which has been kept in Fatima for a long time.

Turn your hearts towards the Sacred Centers, and do not waste time dear children; do not let yourselves be persuaded by the superficial things.  The true purity of the heart is found in your beings, because in the same way that God conceived My Virginal Purity and manifested Maternity in the one and only and true Love in your hearts, Children of Mine, is kept the profound Truth, that which many of you have not known until now time, and that which has united you since the beginning with the Origin.

Today I give thanks to all of My children who, with humility of Heart, in this Annual Feast of the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity, offered these flowers and these roses in order to be able to draw near to My Original Purity.

On this sacred night I bless each one of these flowers, each one of your essences, so that in the infinite Mystery of love, one day, before the return of Christ, your hearts may be pure and clean, free from every stain and sin, and may be within the freedom of God, living the New redeeming Era, the time of the merciful beings, of those who will evangelize the Promised Land, and who will awaken in the new time to the new redeemed humanity.

When this time arrives children of Mine, after Jesus will have returned I also will return to the planet, and all will know My true Face and My Great Universal Task in this world and in others.  For this, throughout the times, by means of the silence and of the prayer of My Heart, I have been preparing you; I have been gestating in humanity an infinite opportunity, an indispensable Grace that will not be able to be erased from humanity, despite the wiles of the enemy.

I will always prevail over you, because I will go until the end, until at least that a simple heart will again christify itself as My Son has done.  If this, in this world will come to pass, the entire race will be saved; many will not suffer the catastrophes; no one will catch serious diseases; and the hearts will not suffer anymore.   For God the Most High a heart like this will in this way have reached redemption and the liberation from evil; and will open the doors to Christ, My beloved Son, so that He may return in His Glory, and all will recognize the one and only religion, that which is professed by the Sacred Family.  A spiritual religion that does not belong to this world; that dwells in the higher worlds, and that you will get to know in a little time.

I form you in this century as soldiers of Mine in order to accomplish this great promise of the Most High, and so that you may give a little more.  Let yourselves take a little more risk, in total trust and love, because I will always be at your side to guide you in the silence of the heart, and I will always open for you the doors of rehabilitation.

I profoundly desire that this message be heard in the four corners of the planet.  I desire dear children and I ask of you, children of Mine, that the message of this end of the year Apparition be translated into other languages so that, by means of the inner vision of each being, My energy may expand itself throughout the world, and so that on this night of Graces My Aurora may leave a sign for all.

By petition of My Son Jesus this message must be diffused and be expanded to the whole world.  For this it must be translated into other languages as soon as possible, so that the souls may awaken to the Original Purity, and may reencounter the path towards God, may ask for forgiveness for their faults, may be reconciled with the Universe, and may re-encounter the path that they have lost.

If this is manifested, great conversions will take place.  Many souls will approach closer to My Heart, especially those that separated themselves from the Church of My Son by means
of the human actions.  My true Heart prevails in the simple hearts, and fully merges with all those who have consecrated themselves to Him.

Dear children, on this night of Revelations may your spirits give thanks to God and be aware, awakened, and available to this universal call that My great Sidereal Mirror pronounces to the world.  Under the company of the Angels and of the Archangels and of all the stars of this Universe, the nine galaxies of this reality are attentive to your “yes”, to your confirmation, so that the Plan may be established on Earth and so that I may have the special permission to be with you for some more time.

I wish to have you in My arms, children of Mine.  Many nights I have passed near you, listening to your tears and weeping, your petitions and aspirations.  Many times I have been sitting at the tables of your families listening, in silence, to the hearts that clamored for redemption.  Many times I accompanied your chores so that you could perceive My invisible and omnipresent Presence.  Many times I have listened to your souls that would tell Me how much they loved Me; that would confirm their hearts to the favorite union with My Immaculate Heart.  Many times throughout these years, I listened to your petitions, your suffering and your sorrows.  And by means of the Grace of God, in all the times that we have spent together, I have healed your wounds, healing with My hands your sorrows.

Do not be discouraged children of Mine: there is still time to take the great step to evolution.  I only wish children of Mine, that each day you may be more conscious.  It is not by chance that I Am here now.

Have you understood the Presence of My Heart, and of all that I carry out to be able to come here?

Think of how many times I have made this same movement, reflecting the Love of God towards the entire world, so that the hearts might be activated, and would recognize their true task.
In this moment, once again I consecrate you in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón asks, at the request of Our Lady, that a sister from the choir may approach.
Then, continues to transmit the words of the Divine Mother.

My door is already closing.  I Am elevating Myself to Heaven.  Do not forget to place in My Heart your petitions, in the same way that you have put the flowers at My feet.

By means of this sister’s voice I will listen to the voice of My children who, at this planetary moment and in the name of the entire humanity, will pronounce to God Most High through My Immaculate Heart, the opportunity of receiving a greater Grace.  By means of this act, children of Mine, you will be confirming that the Plan of God is possible in this world.

I invite those who may feel encouraged to ask to God for an opportunity, a spiritual healing, a deep and true solution to kneel before God and ask with sincerity, the forgiveness in the name of all of this world, and of all the Kingdoms created in the image of, and resemblance to God.
If your love were as strong as Mine God would listen to you, and My Son would permit Me to stay time longer with you, until the Aurora will be sufficiently visible to the eyes of the impious and those who will have failed in the tribulation.

I Am listening to your singing.


In this moment the sister begins to sing the Hail Mary of William Gómez with profound devotion.
Afterwards Sister Lucía de Jesús transmits the words of the Divine Mother


And for this cycle that will come, may your hearts be strengthened by means of My words, of My Purity; that which today I have poured over your consciousnesses.

Receive in your essences, children of Mine, the Codes of My Conception in the Universe, so that from this day on you may be worthy Children of God, and you may announce to the world the return of Christ, and the true face of His Servant, Who in the same way that She preceded Him, She will return in the end to confirm that the Divine Word was true, and was manifested once again in the world.

May the Codes that I leave in your lives overcome all the tests that this world will send to you.

Unite yourselves with My Heart.

Unite yourselves with My words.

Unite yourselves with the Life that I deposit in your lives.

The Divine Life, the Universal Life on this night, descends over the world.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón transmits the words of the Divine Mother

My Son, José Trigueirinho, I send you My Peace, My Sacred Protection, My maternal and profound Love.

Children of Mine, in the same way that you have said that I Am the Infinite Mystery of Love, likewise are the Sacred Hearts to the Universe.

Your voice gave joy to My Heart.  Today I leave this place a little more happy.

Thank you children of Mine, for all that you give to Me.

I thank you, in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen.


End of the Apparition

Thank you Mother for all that you give us.



Annual commemoration the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity
Marian Center of Aurora, Uruguay - 31/12/2014

In this Apparition Mary told us: 

"That all may recognize the one and only religion, that which is professed by the Sacred Family. A spiritual Religion that does not belong to this world, that dwells in the higher worlds, the one that you will know soon. "