Let us pray together for Peace!

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“When each stage of a pilgrimage is promptly fulfilled by all those who pray and the collaborators of the Divine Work, the Hierarchy has the permission to penetrate spaces which the Mercy of God did not reach before. Everything begins and ends in the collaboration and the support that you are able to give”. Mary, Rose of Peace, 7 of January of 2017 

With these words of the Virgin Mary, we deeply thank the support of all: devotees, praying ones, and pilgrims; members of the planetary Light-Network, of the Communities-of-Light- and of the Monasteries of the Grace Mercy Order, for having accompanied us in prayer and for collaborating with the materialization of each stage of this Pilgrimage for Peace in Europe.

It is the contribution of each one that makes it possible for this divine Work to become a reality.

We keep ourselves united, in preparation for the next destinations in Africa and Asia, so that the plans of peace of the Most Holy Mary may triumph over the entire planet!


Mary Association.

The Pilgrimage for Peace in Europe

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“In May, I will re-consecrate Europe to My Immaculate Heart, and will extend this consecration
to Russia, fulfilling in this way that which I have requested of the shepherds of Fatima in the last century."
Apparition of the Divine Mother, the Virgin Mary, Friday, the 24th of March of 2017



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Pilgrimage for Peace in Europe*
 May, June and July of 2017




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Fatima, Portugal - May 2014


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