"This article is a loving offer for all of the Children of Mary, essences that She has consecrated and has placed under Her Maternal Mantle. 
By means of the audiovisual and herein presented we may deepen our commitment
with Her Heart and with Her Mission for these times. A child of Mary is an apostle of Christ,
a child of Mercy who, together with the Most Holy Virgin,  prepares the return of the Redeemer.
United to You we walk, o Beloved Mother; like a single army
that listens in their heart, the Voice of God.  Let us together, as souls that serve God
in order to project on the Earth His Majestic Will, and especially, His Infinite Mercy.

What is to be a “Child of Mary”?


In this lecture Mother Shimani and José Trigueirinho deepen into the study about this type of consecration according to the words transmitted by the Virgin Mary.






Vigil of Prayer

Marian Center of Figueira, Brazil - 02/12/2015

In this Apparition Mary told us:
"Pray for My seven sorrows; pray for the thorns that My Son receives; pray for the angels and their trumpets before God declares justice to the world."



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A loving offer for all of the Children of Mary



Living the consecration to the
Immaculate Heart of Mary

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“To be a child of Mary is not a material commitment, it is a purely spiritual commitment that the souls have towards My Marian Task.  Upon these I shall build the foundations of the temple that I will raise in all of humanity.”

Extra message  of  03/26/2014


How can I participate?


The celestial army of Mary is being formed by many soldiers of different nations and communities that have been consecrated through the pilgrimages of Our Divine Mother, across several countries of America and of Europe.  And the Virgin counts on each one of Her children as supporting pillars of Her task of Redemption and of Salvation of all of the souls and of the Kingdoms of Nature.

For all, independently of the place where you live and of your occupation:

It is necessary to seek a deep and true union with the Heart of the Virgin Mary.  Even without knowing how, the aspiration of being in Her Heart must be alive and constant in our thoughts, feelings and actions. To seek living Her Instructions and Her attributes of Peace, Love, Unity and Fraternity in our day-by-day, in the small things that surround us, in relationships, in prayer, in service and in our permanent transformation.

All of those who may want to participate in the different activities that express Her Marian Work are invited to approach the following events and places:

1) Pilgrimages of the Divine Messengers

2) Groups of prayer and of service

3) Spots of Light consecrated by Our Lady and Marian Centers

4) Association Mary and Mercy Mary TV

5) Groups of Sustenance

For further information kindly visit the website www.divinamadre.org or write to informacoes@associacaomaria.org or info@associationmary.org