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Veneration to the Most Sacred and Blessed Hearts of Jesus and Mary

During a monastery prayer, realized on the 5th day of December of 2012, and under the spiritual guidance of Saint Pio of Pietrelcina, a Grace was given to humanity: that of the Veneration to the Most Sacred and Blessed Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

Just after the prayer started we saw near the group the presence of four angels that surrounded us, forming a cross and orienting themselves in the direction of the cardinal points. Their clothes were of violet color and their hair was golden, luminous and reached their shoulders. They accompanied us during the whole prayer.

At a certain moment, above the group, was drawn a six-pointed star, as of shining gold. Inside of it and more towards the left side appears a Heart of light. This Heart had an intense white light in its upper part which radiated in all of the directions. In its lower part it had eight small open  white roses which formed part of a chaplet of roses that surrounded it.

Later while this image remained present above the group, also inside of this golden star but this time more towards the right side, appeared another Heart. This, in its upper part had an intense flame, as of fire and in the right central area was observed a cut from which sprung a drop of blood, as of crystal.

Some time later the star began to rotate clockwise and in this instant we were able to perceive how the star and the two hearts were alive, they had body and shape, it was not a static image but moved in the space.
When the star and the hearts began to rotate, there opened up a great channel of light towards the Universe and a different dimension was installed in this place. Through this channel the Universe was flowing towards here and was uniting with the Earth.

At some moment, while we contemplated this image, our consciousnesses were taken towards inside of the drop of blood and there we saw, in a very rapid but intense way, the final scene of the Crucifixion of Jesus:

The angels approached us up to the feet of the Cross, on the Mount Calvary. There was the Virgin Mary and also many Roman soldiers and other people who were participating in this moment. Everything was dark but, but when we looked towards the Cross we saw an intense white light that descended upon Jesus and His body was illuminated. Then He raised His head. He was all lacerated, very wounded, and He shouted with a strong voice: “Elí, Elí…” (one of the 72 names of God). Upon saying these words, we all of sudden saw the body of Jesus  as totally translucent, transparent; it was a channel that united Heaven with the Earth. Upon saying these words the sound expanded itself initially first towards all of the regions of the Earth, then it continued beyond the planet until it reached the boundaries of the Universe. It seemed like this sound made all of the spaces vibrate.

There we saw how from the Universe of the Father God listened to the Voice of His Son and in this instant the Father showed to all, in the Calvary, who Jesus was…

It was observed that outside of the planet there were thousands of angels and beings of light congregating from all parts of the Universe. They were attentive and expectant to this great moment.

After Jesus pronounced these words He exhaled and died. Then all of these beings of light moved in direction of the Earth to demonstrate that He was the Son of God.

The magnitude of this scene overwhelmed us as it was magnificent and intense.

Completing this scene, our consciousnesses were translated to the place where the group was in prayer. There appeared, in the center of the group and inside of this special conjuncture, the presence of Padre Pio. In this moment, remaining alive and present, were the image of the star and of the two hearts. Padre Pio asked us to observe the image with attention. Then appeared by itself the hand of an angel which wrote with cursive letters a sentence above and below this star:

“Most Sacred and Blessed (written above the star)

Hearts of Jesus and of Mary” (written bellow the star).

Moments later Padre Pio, referring to the meaning of the golden six-pointed star, added the following sentence:

“The Blessed Trinity that will descend upon the New Humanity”

After all this Padre Pio began to dictate the following message:

The veneration of these two Sacred Hearts will awaken consolation and will heal souls, repairing them under the splendor of the Light of these Most Sacred Hearts that, renewed by the effusion of the Blessed Trinity, will alleviate the danger that may be lived by any soul upon the Earth.

The union with these two Sacred Hearts will approach humanity to the union with the Holy Spirit which will awake through love for the Sacred Hearts, an unfathomable wisdom that will harmonize the inner world of each heart, pacifying it.

The fusion of each being with the two Hearts in unison will cultivate the power of the meekness and of the humility that Jesus and Mary live as Omnipresent Consciousnesses of the Most High. The perfect union of each soul with the two Sacred Hearts will regenerate the spiritual life that may have suffered profound wounds, so that being illuminated by Them, humanity may approach reconciliation to be able to live the Law of the Lord, the Commandments that each being must exercise again for the Good and for the Peace of the world.

The contemplation and the adoration to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and of Mary will permit you to shine in the spiritual life and in the prayer of each creature. These two Sacred Hearts, spiritually united to the gifts of the Holy Spirit, radiate to humanity, as a symbol, the great virtues that each soul must practice such as are: Wisdom, Science and to recognize in all things the Holy Love of God.

In the fusion of each being with the Star of Peace, the triangle oriented downwards merges the New Humanity with all of the creating gifts of God (gifts of the Holy Spirit), and the triangle directed upwards is in perfect harmony with the Holy Spirit, with its coming announced by the Master Jesus. This is possible by means of the loving divine intervention of the Blessed Hearts of Jesus and of Mary.

In this divine and spiritual sign for the present humanity you will be able to contemplate and to meditate on how, through the Blessed Heart of Christ, the transcendence and the transfiguration of each soul is achieved by means of the powerful action of the of the Sacred Blood and Water that once were poured by Him upon all humanity. Through the intermediary of the Immaculate and Blessed Heart of Mary humanity will be able, in this time of definitions, to return to the arms of God.

Through the encounter with the Blessed Heart of Mary every soul impregnated of sincerity will be able to find the spiritual virtues of the Divine Mother, such as Purity, Abnegation, Silence, Unconditional Love and Surrender, virtues that each soul needs for this time of humanity.

The consecration to the Blessed and Most Sacred Hearts of Jesus and of Mary will be received as a gift under the protection of the Blessed Trinity that represents for the world an unachievable power, and the union with the two Blessed Hearts will awaken a true alliance of the souls with God.

The Blessed Hearts of Jesus and of Mary come renovated in Spirit, Virtue and Science so that souls may approach to the encounter with the Father of the Universe. For this today, on this day of immense Celestial Glory, my heart of Father and of Priest of souls reveals for all the special Gift that God, out of Love, manifests to you through the veneration and the adoration to the Most Sacred Hearts of Jesus and of Mary.

In the paternal blessing,

Saint Pio of Pietrelcina.


 “Most Sacred and Blessed Hearts of Jesus and of Mary,
the reason for our Redemption, Mercy and Joy,
pray for us lovingly before God.

This prayer was given at the end of the communication by Padre Pio so that it might serve as an instrument of union at the moment of venerating and adoring the Most Sacred Hearts.

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