“May these Five Wounds, which today are the symbol of the redemption of humanity,
pour over you Their Powerful Blood, so that your bodies will be bathed into and washed
by the Divine Fount of Reparation and of Healing, in order that many souls more
will surrender to this Mystery by means of the adoration of, and love for My Sacred Heart.”   

Christ Jesus, Apparition of October 6, 2017


New request of Christ Jesus


At the 51st Marathon of Divine Mercy in Santa Fe, Argentina, Christ Jesus renewed His request that all the devotees and pilgrims will practice an important spiritual exercise: the adoration of His Five Powerful Wounds, and to His Precious Blood.

According to what the Master revealed, the devotion to these Mysteries of His sacrifice, death, and resurrection have the power of healing, liberating, and redeeming the profound aspects of the human consciousness, sowing in each soul of the codes of Light reached by Him on the Cross. At that occasion, Christ Jesus requested the following:

“I come to ask to the world the devotion
to My Five Powerful Wounds and
to My Precious and Divine Blood
in order that I may, by means of many
more souls, rescue the world,
unearth suffering, and heal the hearts
that need Light and Love.

Today, all of you are being called
to take part in My Celestial Congregation,
in devotion to My Five Powerful Wounds,
and to My Divine Blood.”  


The Master affirmed that we must seek the union with these Celestial Mysteries through in the adoration of the Most Holy Eucharistic Body. In addition to that, the devotion to His Five Sacred Wounds, and to His Powerful Blood may also be developed with the practice of two spiritual exercises already transmitted to humanity by His Merciful Heart: the Devotional to the Five Sacred Wounds of Jesus, and the Devotional to the Powerful Blood of Jesus.

Christ Jesus revealed that through his servers who will honor this special instruction of His, all the souls of the world will be able to receive a Grace that is inexplicable in these times.

In this way, may we strengthen even more the flame of adoration and of contemplation in our hearts, for the victory of this Plan of Love.


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