Celebration of the 50th Marathon of Divine Mercy

After four years of meetings of prayer with Christ Jesus, the 50th Marathon of Divine Mercy, which will take place on September 5th and 6th at the Marian Center of Figueira, marks a new spiritual cycle for devotees and pilgrims.

On August 4th, 2017, the Master announced:

"I come to end a cycle and I open a new door to a new era, to a new learning, to a new experience of love, which I invite you to live in these crucial times.”

During this period, souls from all over the world had the gift of being guided by Christ, month after month, in extraordinary journeys of prayer and music, receiving a healing of the heart and of the spirit through His Redemptive Words and His Unfathomable Love. As well as this, the Master has revealed to us the importance of each Marathon for the balance of grave situations in humanity and in the Kingdoms of Nature.


The Marathons of Divine Mercy are a special request of Christ Jesus, and consist in praying 1,500 beads of the Rosary of Divine Mercy on each day of the event. This "merciful challenge", according to the words of Our Lord, allows souls to receive the chance of reversing deep aspects of life, and also grants the world a little more time of peace.

Each new meeting with Christ is a unique opportunity to transform our consciousnesses and bring relief to the suffering of the world. So may we continue to respond with love and readiness to His Sacred Call.



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