Help us to spread
Her Voice and Echo!

When Our Lady requested that this Web Portal, the Voice and Echo of the Divine Mother, be created She informed us about Her intention that whole world receive these gifts from Heaven that are the Messages, the Apparitions, Prayers, Songs, among the other blessings that we receive continuously.

She wants that Her Voice be spread throughout the world and to reach every heart.  For this to be possible we need to translate the webpage into other languages.

The website is currently available in Spanish, Portuguese and English.

We need help to translate it, as soon as possible, into German, French and Italian.

For this we are summoning all the hearts that may want to join this sweet task of work with the Mother!

This task requires:

- Good command of Spanish or Portuguese.
- Good command of German, French and/or Italian.
- Reading comprehension and knowledge of grammar in each language.

Following the spirit of love and fraternity that Our Lady proposes to us, this will be a voluntary task that we will assume together with the Association Mary.

If you feel that you can help us or if you know someone interested in this task, write to us at the following e-mail address:

Our Mother awaits our best effort.

Thank you very much!
Portal Voice and Echo of the Divine Mother