“As the Mother of all of the peoples, races and cultures, your Heavenly Mother is carrying out a synthesis of the humanitarian mission for peace which has been generating internal merits for the souls and mainly for all of those who were seeking to find again the union with God.” 

Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, of the 29th of April of 2015


Fulfilling a request of the Virgin Mary, the FRATERNIDADE  International Humanitarian Federation carried out during the month of April, a Mission in Africa, in support to some communities of that continent.

In Rwanda, Uganda and in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the group in mission collaborated with the Missionaries of Charity of Mother Theresa of Calcutta, participating in practical tasks as well as in the spiritual work, fulfilling an agenda of individual and group prayers.


In the Apparition of the 12th of April of 2015, the date when the missionaries arrived to Rwanda, Our Lady announced: “(…) the missionaries of peace are sent by My Immaculate Heart to extract the records of sorrow and massacre through love, hope and, mostly as sacrifice and surrender, they will offer to the Celestial Father, abnegation and effort, work and service as an opportunity of receiving Grace, Forgiveness and the Absolution of all mistakes committed."

Our Lady of Kibeho

After that, the 14 missionaries travelled to Kampala, in Uganda, where the reality of the poverty of the African continent proved to be even more evident, leading to a deepening of the work of prayer.

The Virgin Mary said to us: “ Beloved Children, the times will mark a new cycle and for that you must be prepared.  You will always count on My maternal help.  In Uganda a new door for the redemption of the souls is already open and it must favor many souls but mainly those who have been ungrateful to God.   For all of them there will come the time for their surrender." Finally, the Missionaries travelled to Kinshasa, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, “a little known reality”, according to Our Lady.

She said to us: “ The lack of peace in the Congo and the slavery are an unpayable debt because for over five hundred years the same injustice has been repeating itself.  However, My children of the Congo and missionaries of Mine, the strength of the love of Your Most Holy and Supreme Mother will banish the creeping reign of the serpent, and the Angels of God will fulfill the souls with the Mercy of My Son."

May we continue united of heart and in prayer to our brothers and sisters from Africa.



Prayers to be done in order to collaborate with the Missions

1) mistery of the Holy Rosary in african languages:

African languages: 

 Swahili - Suhaili | አማርኛ - Ahamric | Afrikáans - Afrikaans  | isiZulu - Zulú | Kinyarwanda Sesotho

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2) Prayer of Gratitude to the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph

Africa, Special Messages

During the whole period in which the Mission in Africa was taking place, the Divine Mother closely directed and guided  the missionaries of Peace.  Through Her daily messages transmitted to the visionaries, Our Lady allowed us to follow all of the stages of this Mission, leading us to participate in it by means of our prayers.
We invite all to read these messages again, placing them in the heart, so that we may continue to carry out this spiritual task, on behalf of all and each one of us, for Africa and for all of humanity.

April 11 of 2015
April 12 of 2015
April 13 of 2015
April 14 of 2015
April 16 of 2015
April 17 of 2015
April 25 of 2015
April 27 of 2015
April 29 of 2015
May 1 of 2015
May 2 of 2015


Let us join to pray for Peace!