“The Divine Messengers, through their prayers and petitions, have attained the grace of delivering this last impulse for humanity, with the goal that all you need to move through the times that will come will be available for your souls and consciousnesses”.

(Saint Joseph, on August 19, 2015)

In this way the beginning of a new cycle of instruction for humanity was announced: the daily messages of Saint Joseph, which in this month has completed one year.

During this period, the Patriarch of the Sacred Family transmitted loving directions and profound spiritual truths that guide us to a union with God. From His infinite understanding, He guides us with simplicity, clarity, and patience along the path of inner transformation in conformity with the Divine Plan.

His paternal presence among us in these days leads us to the awakening of true life, to the life of humility, chastity, and simplicity; to the life of daily consecration in each daily action.

May we be able to live the sacred teachings of Saint Joseph with reverence and gratitude, and thus take the steps that are so necessary in these times. To live the love of God in our hearts for  the good of all.